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Get Rid of Hand Washing and Separate Oil stain in 3min

Washing the dishes is a problem which most people cannot overcome. Particularly, dishes with heavy oil aggravate the burden of washing and worsen experience of hand washing, for which people complain incessantly.

Dishes with heavy oil are difficult to clean for many reasons. First, animal oil and fat are hard to dissolve and can barely be dissolved in above 45℃ hot water. Then, materials of plastic tableware are “similar” with oil stain, which oil can infiltrate easily. Even though dishes are scrubbed repeatedly, oil stain can hardly be removed.

Aim at this situation, most people choose to repeatedly scrub dishes using ordinary dishwashing liquid with steel wool or sponge. As a result, they feel tired and it does harm to skin. In fact, oil stain can be dissolved and removed automatically using dishwashing liquid which can easily remove oil stain instead of by hand.

Liby fruit vinegar dishwashing liquid contains grenadine vinegar essence and adopts patented concentrated formula and grease separation technology. It can clean dishes with heavy oil easily by three steps:

1.Add fruit vinegar dishwashing liquid into clear water and soak dishes in water

2.Oil stain on dishes will be separated automatically and float on water 3min later

3.Dump dishwater and wipe dishes using clean cloth to remove oil stain

Moreover, Liby fruit vinegar dishwashing liquid contains grenadine vinegar essence and ECOCERT cleaning factor APG and has obtained health and safety standards and certification, which makes it easy to wash the dishes and offers safety guarantee.