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How to wash stuffed toys?

Each stuff toy bears different memories and needs to be protected well. However, they may deform, shed and even go moldy if they are cleaned incorrectly. How should we “give a good bath” to stuffed toys?

First, do not wash stuffed toys using washing machine. Stuffs toys may easily deform if they are washed using washing machine, so we can wash the dirty part by hand.

Second, wash stuffed toys using mild detergent. With soft hair, stuffed toys should be washed using mild detergent to get better protection.

Third, stir the solution. Fully dissolve Liby natural liquid soap in 30-40℃ warm water so as to avoid damaging softness of stuffed toys.

Fourth, remove dirt using hairbrush. Dirt should be removed using hairbrush and detergent. Short-haired or hairless stuffed toys can be scrubbed properly; while long-haired stuffed toys should be washed gently.

Fifth, smooth and straight hair. Stuffed toys are apt to deform, so they should be soaked in softener in order to prevent deformation and mold, as well as smooth hair and remove bacteria.

Sixth, dry stuffed toys in the air. After dewatered gently, stuffed toys should be shaped and combed and then dried in the air.

Stuffed toys often contact our skin, so they should be washed regularly. Liby natural liquid soap adopts plant concentrate extraction technology and is natural, mild, low-foaming, easy to rinse, strong in detersive power and seepage force. It can realize the combination of cleaning and caring to stuffed toys.