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How to Deal with Color Fading of Clothes?

It is annoying that some clothes may have the problem of color fading and even other clothes may thus be tinted. To solve the problem, many people wash the clothes separately. Even though it works, it is very troublesome. Liby teaches you how to deal with color fading easily. 

First, soak clothes in salt water. Put clothes in a basin and add a little salt. Then add warm water and soak the clothes for about 30-60min. Finally, wash the clothes as usual.

Second, acid pickling. Soak the clothes in water with a little vinegar for a while before washing.

Third, using floral water. Wash clothes as usual. Then add clean water and a few drops of floral water into a basin. Finally, soak the clothes in the basin.

Fourth, dry the clothes reversely.

Liby natural liquid soap can prevent color fading of clothes. Containing natural cleaning factor and European imported SPR decontaminating factor, it can effectively prevent yellowing, getting old and hardening, and protect shape and color of clothes.