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How to Remove Peculiar Smell of New Clothes?

New clothes often have a peculiar smell and it is hard to remove it even though the clothes have been washed several times. How to remove peculiar smell of new clothes?

First, soak new clothes in salt water. Salt has the function of disinfection, sterilization and color fading prevention, so new clothes should be soaked in salt water for a while before washed.

Second, hang clothes in the bathroom. After taking a shower, we can hang the clothes in the bathroom and close the door. Then take the cloths out the next day.

Third, activated carbon. Activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity and it can be used to absorb peculiar smell of clothes.

Fourth, Liby ultra clean lavender detergent. Featuring natural ferment, lavender fragrance , combination of cleaning and caring, not only does Liby ultra clean lavender detergent have strong detersive power, but also clothes can emit charming fragrance. You no longer need to worry about peculiar smell of new clothes.