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How to Effectively Clean Clothes of Different Materials?

Silk is gentle, cotton is comfortable, linen is lightsome, dacron and chinlon convey a sense of professionalism……clothes are made of different materials and have a unique charm. How to clean clothes of different materials?

1.Cotton: Cotton is apt to absorb sweat, air-permeable and alkali-resisting, but it is not acid-resisting. It is best to wash cotton clothes using cold water. Cotton clothes are easily deformed, so we should wash cotton clothes gently and avoid wrinkling while drying.

2.Linen: With good toughness and poor cohesive force, fibrilia should be protected more than cotton. It is better to wash linen clothes using neutral detergent. Linen clothes cannot be dewatered by washing machine. Otherwise, they will deform and fluff.

3.Silk: Silk is delicate and apt to fluff and fade, so silk clothes must be cleaned by hand. The dark-colored and the light-colored should be washed separately. Silk clothes cannot be scrubbed forcibly and cannot be scratched when washed.

4.Dacron: Dacron is elastic, easy to clean, and hard to deform, so dacron clothes can be washed using washing machine. Dacron is alkali-resisting but is not acid-resisting, so dacron clothes should be washed using neutral detergent. Besides, dacron clothes cannot be exposed to the sun, dried and ironed. 

It seems complex to clean specific clothes, but they can be protected using detergent with stronger detersive power and protecting force. Containing Denmark natural ferment, natural cleaning factor and European imported SPR decontaminating factor, Liby natural liquid soap can effectively prevent yellowing, getting old and hardening of clothes and solve the problem of clothes washing. Featuring low-foaming, easy to rinse, residue-free, mild, non-irritating, free of flourescent whitening agent, green and safe, it is the best choice for clothes of different materials.