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R&D Innovation

Liby owns the only Key Laboratory of "Green Cleaning Products of Chinese Light Industry",academician expert workstation and 98 ,patents for invention,organizes or participates in the development of 28 national and industrial standards,launches advanced products such as soap with enzymes particle and detergent with enzymes particle and leads upgrading of Chinese laundry care industry.
  • 98 patents for invention
  • 163 CNAS approved testing items
  • 28 Contributor of 28 standards
Liby is the first of its kind to launch soap with enzymes particle, washing powder with enzymes, detergent with enzymes, laundry detergent with no added florescent whitening agents, skin-friendly washing powder, dishwashing liquid available to wash vegetable and fruit directly, which are "healthy, safe and environmentally-friendly " products. Liby , gains the laurels such as "WEC Innovation Value" Award of International Carbon-Value Award and International Carbon-Value Award. Liby has 38 green design products, among which "Laundry Powder Concentration Technology" wins National Outstanding Innovation.
  • 100+ world-class and national-class honors
  • 38 green design products
  • 6 industry-leading products
A core R&D team consisting of more than 300 professionals and 100 researchers with master degree or above, world-class R&D center -"Green Life Research Institute", the only "Key Laboratory of Green Cleaning Products of Chinese Light Industry" of the industry, the first academician expert workstation of the industry, several key laboratories and strong scientific research ability.
  • 300 professionals
  • 100 highly educated core researchers
  • 20+ Cooperation with 20+ Research Institutions