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  • Lady Penny Mountbatten

    Lady Penny Mountbatten

    Ambassador for British Royal Warranted and heritage brands
    As Ambassador for British Royal Warranted and Heritage Brands, I am very stringent about the quality and care of clothes.
    It is imperative that laundry care products are of the highest quality as they have direct contact with our skin.
    A good lau……
  • Natalie Gibson

    Natalie Gibson

    Legendary Fashion Print Tutor from Central Saint Martins
    As an expert in textile and fabric dyes, I understand that different fabric materials require different levels of care.
    Liby Laundry Detergent Essence is composed of 7 essences, providing ultimate care to the fabric.
    As a result, clothes can continue to be soft, shiny and comfortable t……
  • Lara Stone

    Lara Stone

    The new Liby detergent essence can well protect my various clothes. It is very important for me that it is healthy for the skin and it is healthy for the whole family to use. Therefore I'm quite confident to choose it.
  • Calice Becker

    Calice Becker

    VP Perfumer of Givaudan; French médaille Chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres
    The new Liby Detergent Dssence is more than a product, it's a new way of representing one's lifestyle through personal scent. From now on, the invisible scent becomes tangible.
  • Dr.Calvin YM LAM

    Dr.Calvin YM LAM

    PhD, CCol, FSDC
    The new Liby Laundry Detergent Essence can be more easily penetrated into fiber inside deeply. The innovated softening technology can make the clothes surface more smoothly, also it's not necessary to add extra dosage softener for softening purpose. The innovation c……