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Liby Teaches You to Avoid Yellowing of Clothes with a Trick

White clothes will turn yellow and get old after a long time and we will feel them inelegant but hesitate to discard them. As a matter of fact, we can keep white clothes bright-colored by some means.

Clothes turn yellow mainly for the following three reasons:

1.Protein. Clothes may turn yellow when contaminated by beer, wine, coffee, chocolate and other foods.

2.Residue of laundry detergent or soap. Clothes may turn yellow if detergent is not rinsed thoroughly.

3.Sweat stain and oil stain. Most clothes turn yellow mainly because sweat or oil stain is not cleaned timely. 

Thus, white clothes should be cleaned and protected using correct method and product.There are three steps for washing clothes using Liby cold quick-acting washing powder: Thoroughly dissolve washing powder in water. Then soak yellowed clothes in water for at least one hour. Finally, washing clothes by hand or using washing machine and clothes will take on an entirely new look!

Liby cold quick-acting washing powder contains unique washing ingredient, oxygenizing ingredient and aqueous solution high-molecular polymer and can easily clean yellowed clothes using concentrated enzyme technology, stain anti-infiltration technology and cold washing activation technology. With green natural ingredients, it is free of harm to both hands and clothes and is the best choice for clothes washing.