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Liby Teaches You How to Quickly Remove Oil Stain on Clothes with Four Tricks

Your clothes may be contaminated by oil stain during a meal and it is difficult to clean them. How to effectively remove oil stain on your clothes and make them take on an entirely new look?

Principle of oil stain removal

Stains on clothes are mainly removed through physical dissolution and chemical emulsification.

Organic solvents such as ethyl alcohol and gasoline have a molecular structure similar to oil stain. According to “like dissolves like” principle, they can dissolve oil stain effectively.

However, most detergents adopt emulsification principle. Oil stain is decomposed to fine drops and fine drops form emulsion. Then emulsion can be rinsed with clear water so as to reach a decontamination effect.

Decontamination tricks

1.Gasoline: Apply gasoline to oil stain of dry clothes, scrub and wipe clothes until oil stain is removed.

2.Ethyl alcohol: Apply ethyl alcohol to oil stain and wipe off clothes with duster cloth after oil stain is decomposed.

3.Orange peel and white vinegar: Add white vinegar and orange peel into a spray bottle and set it aside for 15min. After they are thoroughly mixed, spray the liquid onto oil stain, scrub and clean clothes until oil stain is removed.

4.Liby collar cleaner: Apply Liby collar cleaner to oil stain of dry clothes and set it aside for 3min. Then scrub clothes with clear water until oil stain is removed.

Liby collar cleaner contains a double dose of cleaning factor and can remove stubborn stain. With natural coconut oil essence, it can remove oil stain easily and make clothes take on an entirely new look.