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The more foams are there, the cleaner the clothes are?

Many people think the more foams are there, the more cleanly clothes are washed. In fact, it is just an illusion. Foam is mostly produced by surfactant in the detergent, which is a chemical synthetic agent removing the dirt by emulsification. The more foams are there, the more chemicals the detergent has and the more irritating it is to skin. Then, how should we select detergent?

Selection criteria for detergent:

1.Low-foaming and easy to clean. A small number of foams can not only reduce the rinsing times but also save time, labor, water and power. Whereas cylinder washing machine requires a lot of foam outputs, low-foaming detergent can avoid overflowing. 

2.Low-viscosity and soluble easily in water. Detergent contains thickener, the content of which affects the viscosity. Low-viscosity detergent has no residue and can dissolve and release active factors quickly. 

3.Strong cleansing power. A strong cleansing power is very important. We can wear "new" clothes if dirty mark, oil stain and sweat stain are completely removed. 

4.Skin-friendly and mild. Detergent should be easy to clean, natural, mild, non-irritating, free of harm to clothes, hands and human body and residue-free. 

5.Non-phosphorus and Non-fluorescing. Clothes can be cleaned as long as detergent is environmentally-friendly and pollution-free. Particularly, baby clothes must be cleaned using environmentally-friendly and pollution-free detergent.

6.Softening and color-protecting. Softening and color-protecting detergent can protect the color of clothes and keep clothes as bright-colored and smooth as the new. As a result, you don't need to worry about color fading. 

7.Combination of cleaning and caring . It is most important to clean up clothes and necessary to protect clothes. Without softener, good detergent can keep clothes soft and smooth. 

8.Fragrance and endurance. You may be pleasant with clean clothes with fragrance all day. 

Liby natural liquid soap adopts plant concentrate extraction technology, which makes it natural, mild, low-foaming, easy to rinse and residue-free. Containing natural cleaning factor, European imported SPR decontaminating factor, featuring strong decontaminating ability and seepage force, it can effectively avoid yellowing, getting old and hardening of clothes, which achieve the goal of combination of cleaning and caring. Without florescent whitening agent, Liby natural liquid soap is mild and non-irritating and can satisfy all daily washing requirements.