Global Cooperation

As a leading brand of the laundry care industry, Liby brings together top science and technology worldwide, works with world famous daily chemical enterprises such as Dow Chemical, DUPONT, BASF, Novozymes, Givaudan and Firmenich, applies international advanced technologies to product R&D and guides industry development by virtue of global perspective innovation system.

R&D Innovation

Liby owns the only Key Laboratory of "Green Cleaning Products of Chinese Light Industry",academician expert workstation and 98 patents for invention, organizes or participates in the development of 28 national and industrial standards, launches advanced products such as soap with enzymes particle and detergent with enzymes particle and leads upgrading of Chinese laundry care industry.
  • 90+patents for invention
  • 300+professionals
  • 20+Contributor of 20+ national and industrial standards
  • 10+Cooperation with 10+ Research Institutions

Washing Knowledge