Liby is he leading brand of laundry care product from China Since its establishment in 1994, the products have been well received among consumers. Data proves Liby is used in seven out of ten households in China, generating a sale that leads the industry in the country for 10 consecutive years, from 2009 to 2018.. As a pioneer of laundry care, Liby gathers advanced technologies all over the world, owns the only Key Laboratory of “Green Cleaning Products of Chinese Light Industry” and academician expert workstation of the industry, and has obtained 98 patents for invention, beyond the total of those obtained by top 2-5 peers in China. Moreover, Liby is a constitutorof Chinese standards for laundry careindustry, and has organized or participated in the development of 28 national and industrial standards.


Liby devotes itself to R&D innovation of laundry care and always carries out the concept of “Combination of Cleaning and Caring ”. Since October 1, 2016, Liby has produced laundry detergent with no added florescent whitening agents and launched upgraded products such as natural liquid soap, natural soap powder and essential oil laundry soap.

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  • "Liby is used in seven out of ten households in China":According to Kantar Worldpanel obtained by CVSC-TNS RESEARCH from the research f FMCG purchasing beha...
  • “Liby generates a sale that leads the industry in the country for 10 consecutive years”: According to research data of sales of Chinese cleaning products (laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid) obt...
  • "7 essences":Compound surfactant (high permeability stain-removal agent), protease, amylase, cellulase, SRP stain-release polyer, fabric softening agent and...
  • "Triple stain removal":auto-locking stain removal technology,multiple anti-deposition technology and foam control technology.
  • "Quadruple fabric care":fabric softening agent,repair and renewal agent,European SRP stain-release polyer and 72h fragrance locking agent.